Private Spaces
At Blossom Vegetarian, we offer a variety of spaces for your privacy. 
We will work with you directly to create a perfect party for you.

The Zen

Semi-open with large windows overlooking the parking on Burnett Ave S street, The Zen can be exclusive for up to 20 seated guests or 25-28 standing cocktail reception guests over 21.


The Stage

Spacious and semi-private,  The Stage is a perfect space for mid-size parties, which can accommodate up to 50 seated guests.


Dining Room

Absolutely private with a large window, the Dining Room features a round table that will be perfect for cozy dinners with up to 10 seated guests.


The Garden

Open during Spring and Summer, The Garden features a private outdoor space with metal tables and chairs, umbrellas (upon request), and a lot of sunshine! This can be exclusive for up to 25 seated guests or 30-35 standing reception guests. 



For the most privacy, Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant can be reserved exclusively for parties of up to 183 seated guests or 200 standing reception guests.